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The payment ecosystem is fragmented and complex to even business owners with vast experience. Partner with us for all your payment services; from credit card to crypto, XCEL Partners is the only partner that you will need.

Credit Card Processing

On average 7 out of 10 consumers purchase goods and services using a debit or credit card, and your ability to process a debit or credit card payment is vital to the success of your business.

Crypto Currency

Accepting Crypto has never been easier. XCEL Partners has a solution that allows businesses to receive Crypto payments from customers in over 15 different currencies. Payment to the merchant is in fiat currency for the value of the product or service being sold. The best part is that merchants pay ZERO monthly or transaction fees.

Check & ACH Processing

Processing check payments does not have to be complicated or onerous. We can empower your customers with the ability to pay by check and at the same time improving your efficiencies.

Mobile Payments

We live in a mobile world and the ability to accept payments anywhere is service feature that of many businesses utilize to improve its' payment processes. Whether you own a food truck or company that provides services in the field, accepting fast, efficient and secure payments is possible with our mobile solution.

Payment Gateways

Our secure web-based gateway enables businesses to accept all forms of payments, while providing useful tools such as recurring payments, email invoicing, and e-commerce payments.

Fraud Mitigation

Consistent, affordable processing starts with best business practices. Even the best business practices, however, can be derailed with excessive returns, consumer fraud, or the dreaded Chargeback. There are a number of tools on the market that can help mitigate these issues, and we may recommend one or more for your use.


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