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High Risk.

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Merchants that are classified as "High Risk" face a stigma that is undeniable, but XCEL Partners specializes in helping merchants secure payment processing solutions without prejudice.

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High Risk Factors

Business Type

Processors and banks view certain types of businesses as high risk despite being very well operated with clean processing history.

Chargeback Ratios

Many high risk merchants experience excessive chargebacks and if the ratio exceeds 1% of monthly sales the account could be terminated. 

Excessive Refunds

If refunds exceed 10% the account could be terminated despite the average rate of returns for online sales being over 20%.

High Ticket Size

Merchants that sell expensive items pose a greater risk of chargebacks and fraud. The risk entails the merchants ability to handle a chargeback or refund request.

Fraud Attempts

Often stolen cards are used to purchase items that can be easily sold such as jewelry, consumer electronics, and sporting goods.

Delivery Terms

Products or services that take an extended time to deliver often experience high chargebacks and excessive refund ratios. Furniture and travel are good examples. 

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