XCEL Partner's strives to make the application process streamlined and efficient. We will walk you through the application process and find the best banking partner to meet the needs of your business.

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Call us or send us an email and we will walk you through the process. Get started now by clicking the link below.

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We work with numerous trusted banks and processors that are dedicated in helping low and high-risk businesses accept credit card payments.



Approvals start with good paperwork, but it should not be overwhelming. We are here to help you and will always do our best to get you approved.

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After your application has been approved we will help you begin processing by utilizing a credit card terminal, POS system or payment gateway. 



Credit Card Processing


On average 7 out of 10 consumers purchase goods and services using a debit or credit card, and your ability to process a debit or credit card payment is vital to the success of your business.

Check Processing


Processing check payments does not have to be complicated or onerous. We can empower your customers with the ability to pay by check and at the same time improving your efficiencies.

Payment Gateway


Our secure web-based payment terminal enables your business to accept all forms of electronic payments, while providing useful tools such as recurring payments, email invoicing, and e-commerce payments.

Chargeback Management


Consistent, affordable processing starts with best business practices. Even the best business practices, however, can be derailed with excessive returns, consumer fraud, or the dreaded Chargeback. There are a number of tools on the market that can help mitigate these issues, and we may recommend one or more for your use.

Gift & Loyalty


Gift / Loyalty programs can provide tremendous benefit to businesses, from increased brand awareness to increased revenue.  In fact, most businesses see an increase in spending of 33% from their loyalty customers. We can provide a highly comprehensive Gift & Loyalty Program at an affordable price.

Capital Funding


If your business needs capital to grow and your bank cannot support your needs, we may be able to help. Our team evaluates your business based upon your cash flow, not just credit scores. The process to apply is quite simple, and often businesses are funded in less than 72 hours after submitting their application .



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High Risk Merchants

The negative stigma that "High Risk" merchants face is undeniable, but at XCEL we specialize in helping merchants secure payment processing solutions without prejudice.

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Low Risk Merchants

XCEL Partners provides "Low Risk" merchants with incredible support, rates and service. Not sure if you have a good deal, no problem let us provide you with a free evaluation!

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Cash Discounting

XCEL has programs that allows the Merchant to pay almost no fees when processing debit and credit card transactions. This program is very popular and is compliant with card brands.

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We work with ISO's, Agents, and Merchants delivering unparalleled service, support and integrity.




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